Vision Keeper Trout-Set Single handed rod

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Vision Keeper's trout kit features a 9 foot (2.74 m) class #5/6 rod. The rod has a medium-fast action, making it easy to cast and forgiving of initial mistakes. A reel of the proper size is already spooled with backing, fly line and a leader. You only need to select one of the included flies from the fly box and the fishing can begin! The line is of course matched to the rod and in addition, you can see it well thanks to the yellow color. This helps already on the field with the first test casts.

To practice fly fishing as successfully as possible from the beginning, polarized glasses are also included in the Vision Keeper trout set. Polarized glasses take away the annoying reflection on the water surface and so it is possible to spot the fish in the water better and faster to offer the fly in the best possible way.

The fly box is already provided with some patterns, so that nothing stands in the way of the start. But the box can of course be filled with more flies, without a new fly box is needed



  • Fly fishing set for the start into trout fishing
  • fly rod in 9 feet class #5/6
  • Fly reel
  • Backing
  • Fly line and leader
  • Fly box with flies
  • Cordura rod tube
  • Polarization glasses to recognize the fish in the water

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